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Neutral Botanical Art Prints - Just in Time for Summer

When I collaborated with Saint Maide and Lockeland Leather last fall to do a custom design for this beautiful leather Reliq Pouch (available for purchase on Saint Maide’s website), I released a similar design as November’s free artwork to my email list. (Don’t have it? Get on the list and I’ll send it to you!) That floral arrangement piece has been one of my most-downloaded free art files of all time.

Fast forward from Thanksgiving to summer. I’ve been soaking up tons of travel time this summer and have been so inspired by the flowers I see everywhere. From big floral arrangements in the beautiful lobbies of hotels to a simple, demure bloom in a vase on a café table, flowers bring beauty, cheer, and life to any setting. I took this as another sign. A floral collection started coming together.

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Using fine-tipped markers, brushes, and even pencil, I began to arrange some flowers that were speaking to me. Some areas are detailed and some are loose and left to the imagination.

The tulips are simple and elegant, yet their roots are earthy and raw. The vines felt very organic, turning in different directions to chase the sunlight. The sunflowers and ferns reminded me of the magical creeks that wind every which way here in Tennessee. And the lush tropical flowers are an escape to a peaceful beach somewhere. I created the textured backgrounds with a dry brush to add a true organic feel to each vignette.

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I will say that these floral pieces did not flow easily for me. This season has been a busy one for me as I recently launched my original artwork collection, participated in Nashville’s Porter Flea Summer Market last month, started taking custom orders for pet portraits, and am now preparing for my first art opening at the Wedgewood Houston Art Crawl in August! I kept setting these florals aside, then coming back to them. But they were persistent and found a way to bloom in their own time.

The outcome was a collection of four botanical arrangements that felt understated yet elegant. They’re bold enough to be displayed in your living room or entryway, yet intimate enough for the bedroom. You can place these pieces alone or arrange them together as a “bouquet,” so to speak. Each print comes in your choice of four trending neutral colors so you can mix and match them to suit your space.

This is your sign: Today is the day to buy yourself some flowers, so go ahead and shop the all-new Botanical Flower Collection!

 Cash Color Botanical Flowers Free Download

This month’s free art for you

You can carry these summer flowers with you and as the background for your phone, tablet, or desktop. Download yours now!

With love,

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