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Peace, Love, Nashville

I love burning a candle at the end of a long day. Whether I'm getting dinner together, ending the work day, or having some me time, it just makes the experience that much better. 

I've always thought it would be fun to create my own candle scent, so this collaboration with Nashville Soap Company is a dream come true. We set out to create scent combinations that smelled like safety, happiness, hope, and love feel. 

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I met NSC's founder, Becky, through the Deep South Social network for Southern lifestyle brands. I was drawn to her company's mission to offer clean, safe, and effective products that she makes with love for her family, friends, and our beloved city of Nashville. She shared her love of the Hand Sign Print collection and I shared with her my love for candles! Hand Signs Collection. After a few brainstorming conversations, we decided to collaborate on the creation of two special candles and I couldn’t be happier with how these candles look and smell.

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smells like hope

The first candle we created was inspired by the Peace Sign Print. This hand sign was the first in the collection and is by far the best-selling product on my site. You can’t deny the instant sense of, well, peace, you get when you see an oversized print hanging over a fireplace or as a part of a personalized gallery wall. We wanted to replicate that sense of joy and happiness with the essential oil combination.

This light and airy scent is a perfect blend of citrus and herbs that smells like hope and healing. The subtle hints of Lemongrass and Basil remind us of all that Nashville has been through the past couple of years and the beautiful way our community has shown up for each other after surviving a tornado, a pandemic, and a bombing in 2020. Our hope is that we move into this stage of growth with a renewed sense of peace and hope. It only seems right to donate a portion of the proceeds to Hands On Nashville since they have consistently been on the front-line of helping this great city recover.

Light the Peace Sign Candle after dropping the kids off at school and feel an instant scent of calm and quiet.

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smells like a warm hug

The other hand sign we were inspired by is the ASL I Love You Print. We went the completely opposite direction with the scent profile on this candle. We thought about what would feel warm, vibrant, and comforting. The bold blend of clove, cedar, and lavender represents the complexity and beauty of the American Sign Language. We want to use this candle to bring more attention to the beautiful and complex language that gave us the ‘I Love You’ ASL hand sign – American Sign Language. We are proud to support a local non-profit, Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, with a portion of all proceeds from this product.

I like to imagine you lighting your ASL I Love You Candles after you have put the kids down or when you cozy up with a good book.

Shining a Light

While sketching for this month’s Free Download, I couldn’t stop thinking about the extra motivation and encouragement our school age kids and teachers need right now. We are once more heading into a new school year with a lot of uncertainty. Please, download and use this artwork as a reminder that we can still do hard things! Then share the link with someone else who could use a mood boost by letting them know you recognize and appreciate them!  

Cash Color Free Download August

I’m thrilled Becky agreed to partner with me on this candle collection. Not only do I get to introduce you to a local brand (and mommy-maker) I love, but I also get to share something new and out of the ordinary for me.I hope you enjoy these candles as much as I do! 


With Love,

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