Celebrating Women Who Take Up Space

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This is International Women's Month

Which has me thinking about my own journey as a woman - running a business, being a wife and mom, and being MYSELF as an artist.

This year has been all about jumping and risk taking - and with that comes more opportunities for fear to show up. I am trying to recognize this and remember to stand tall and take up space through it all.

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I love the way I see more women being recognized for their accomplishments these days. We’re fixing this supposed “man’s world” and saying goodbye to that nonsense. It’s an equal world and I’m so ready to be a part of this change. I’m celebrating this and finding the freedom in it!

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The world is seeing how incredible women are, and the power that comes with holding her up, not pushing her down. I am pushing through old feelings of not being able to say, dance, move, paint, or create the way I want. And as I work those feelings out of my system, I’m welcoming new, beautiful, strong feelings of empowerment, importance and space!

Go ahead, strike a power pose. Take up all the room you need. You are amazing, you are beautiful, and the world needs more of YOU in it.

This month's free art for you

This month’s free art is a play on my Figures Collection, which honors the powerful women in my life. I hope every time you see one of these pieces, or glance at this month’s art on your screen, you’re reminded to step into your power and TAKE UP SPACE.

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Don't forget to download this month's free artwork as a reminder for you to take up ALL the space you need!

With Love,

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