Every Mom Needs A Helping Hand

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...Plus (Unsolicited) Parental Advice!

Each year I look at my Hand Signs Collection and it resonates with me in a different way. I believe that's my own personal growth and maturity as a woman, as a brand, and as a mother.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about helping hands. I’ve mainly been thinking about the gratitude I feel for the team of helpful hands that surround myself and Scott, and also the community that forms after entering into motherhood—whatever that looks like. Whether you’re grieving a loss, struggling through infertility, or you’re right in the middle of raising your tiny humans, there are others who share your story. And if you’re open to it, there’s a helping hand there for you: hands that offer peace, love, celebration, calm, support, and solidarity.

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In honor of Mother’s Day, my team and I thought we would offer a helping hand by giving you advice you never asked for! My hope is you will read, smile, and laugh with us as we share real advice from real parents who are not ashamed to say that we all need help.

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Meet the Cash Color Team

Scott Shirock: Husband + Display Builder + Printer Fixer + World’s Best Dad

Makayl: World’s Best Nanny

Melody: Data Geek + In-House Motivational Speaker

Shannon: Pro List-Maker + Right-Hand Woman

Nathan: Voted Most Dependable (seriously, he fixes everything)

Scott Greer: Resident Money Maker + Lover of Slide Decks

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What is your favorite piece of parenting advice that you’ve received?

Scott S: Make sure kids know it’s okay to have good and bad feelings while also helping them to learn to control them.

Makayla: A simple “trust yourself” is the best thing I’ve heard!

Melody: Love fills in all the gaps for what you don’t know about parenting.

Shannon: Parenting doesn’t get easier as your kids get older, it’s just different.

Nathan: Books can only teach you so much about being a parent. Don’t stress, and adapt as needed.

Scott G: Every stage of a child’s development is unique and temporary. So when things are difficult, it’s important to remember that it will pass quickly.

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What advice would you give to a new parent?

Scott S: Patience is key.

Makayla: For young mamas-to-be, that scared feeling looking at the positive test for the first time will quickly be replaced with love, support, and excitement!

Melody: Sleep while you can!

Shannon: Sleep train your child as soon as possible!

Nathan: Go with your instincts, but don’t be afraid to ask for help or another perspective when needed.

Scott G: Sleep train your child early, and read 1-2-3 Magic when you have a toddler.

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What is the best thing about being a new parent? And what has totally shocked you?

Scott S: The cuteness of your own kids is next level. The love you have for them is more than you could have imagined.

Makayla: The best thing, so far, is seeing my baby move around on the ultrasounds. What has shocked me is the love I already feel for our baby!

Melody: The best is finally getting to meet the person who had been growing inside my belly for nine months. The shocking thing was how big my boobs got when my milk came in! Who knew there was such a thing as a 40F bra size? I kept hearing the song “Feed the World” in my head while nursing for the first three months.

Shannon: Watching their personalities develop and when they start problem-solving on their own. You get this feeling like, “It’s working!”

Nathan: The best thing about being a parent is seeing your child’s personality grow. In the same light, the most shocking aspect is seeing reflections of your own personality shine through at times!

Scott G: Snuggles are the best! And while I can’t think of anything that has completely shocked us, I would say that there is just no way to prepare (other than knowing A LOT is going to change). Your child will also completely amaze you, time and time again.

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Art That Means More

I know everyone sees art in their own way, and it’s very important to me that the prints I create grow with a person or family. These might seem like simple prints to most, but my wish is for them to be so much more. Maybe the reason you hung the Peace Sign Print was because it looked cool, but maybe now when you walk by as a sleep-deprived new mom soothing a restless baby, it serves as a reminder to stop and breathe. The Heart Hands Sign Print can be representative of the nurture and care a mother’s touch can have. Or, if you know someone who is struggling with grief and loss, the ASL "I Love You" Greeting Card can be a reminder that they are surrounded by love. I’m very much into gifting with intention, and these Hand Signs Prints are perfect for that.

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Download this month’s free artwork for your own set of Helping Hands wallpaper design, or pass it to a hard-working mama you love who would appreciate the recognition.

I truly hope my art is a reflection of you and your family’s growth. I hope that it spreads joy and positivity to your home for years to come.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

With Love,

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