Finding Hidden Beauty In Change

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Change is the new normal

The past month has opened my eyes to so much. So much pain in our history, so much hatred that still exists, and so much deep-rooted inequity in this country. But one thing that has been overwhelmingly bright is the beauty in the change and the kindness that has poured from so many.

My Instagram feed is full of new art, new colors, and a lot of strong Black women that I am learning from daily. (See my list below!) I'm bursting with inspiration and want to share some of this beauty with all of you. This month’s Free Download is inspired by their strength, beauty, and boldness. Download it, share it with a friend, and use this as a constant reminder that Black is Beautiful. We are all beautiful. 

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Growth is Good

As I stated last month, I’m committed to learning more about what I don’t know in order to implement change personally, and asked that you hold me to it. And you did! Thank you to everyone who has messaged me on IG, shared knowledge, offered support, and held me accountable. I’m also constantly thinking through how to grow as a small business with the awareness that the opportunities are more plentiful for me than POC. I don’t have the answers yet, but I do feel strongly about continuing to give to other organizations growing and building a more diverse and inclusive community.

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Strength in Numbers

Several other small business owner moms and I met last week for our first monthly virtual discussion group. The series we are working through first is The Next Question by Austin Channing Brown, co-hosted by Chi Chi Okwu and Jenny Booth Potter. The episodes are all so informative and include different guest speakers. I highly recommend it. I was feeling very overwhelmed and nearly paralyzed by all the incoming information that I wanted to explore and didn't really know where to start. I'm excited to continue this monthly session with this crew of powerful females to educate and to support each other through honest conversations and shared resources. 


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Introducing Cash Color Tees!

I’ve been working on new T-shirt designs for some time now, and we are launching a test run this month. So many of you have been asking me for the Peace Sign on jackets, shirts, and even onesies. I’m really excited about how these have turned out! Check out the new Peace Sign Tees and let me know what you think. For this campaign, I’ll be donating a percentage of my profits to the Children’s Defense Fund. I love their mission because they provide support to children in need and the advocates working on their behalf. Look at the amazing work they are doing through the CDF Haley Farm near Knoxville, TN. 

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You can learn more about the Children’s Defense Fund HERE or to make a direct donation click HERE.

I wholeheartedly aim to continue this momentum toward change. Through all of the weariness, brutal honesty, and confusion, learning the difference between our white and Black Jesus, understanding that learning about black culture is not “self-help”, and giving myself grace because I’m here to get it right, not be right. Thank you for joining — and in most cases, leading me on this journey.

I’ll leave you with my latest list of the Instagram accounts that I am currently swooning over! Check them out and if you like what you see, please follow and support them too.

With Love,


Lindsay Adams: A beautiful female artist painting bodies and florals.

Art by Dina D: An Etsy seller who creates big, beautiful abstracts.

Bisa ButlerHer work is full of patterns, feelings, and bold colors. These portraits will move you.

Art by Monday: Beautiful paint-stroked portraits, full of emotion.

Christian Robinson: A sweet man with sweet, simple illustrations for children and adults.

Adrian Brandon: Gorgeous portrait art with beautiful hints of color.

Joe Turner: Amazing black-and-white abstract artwork from a believer with a beautiful smile.**

Temi Coker: Such fun, bright, vibrant graphic-designed portraits with movement and attitude.

Charlotte Edey: The most delicate feminine illustrations. 

Maurice Harris, Blume, and Plume: If I didn’t paint, I’d be a floral designer! I adore his gorgeous creations and am awed by them all.

Interior Designers:

House of June: Gorgeous, sharp interiors.*

Nicole White Interiors: She isn’t afraid to be bold, colorful, and fun.

Corey Damen Jenkins: A Birmingham, MI designer (close to my hometown!). His work is elegant and timeless.
Claude Home: Insane vintage furniture!

For the Mommas:

HarperIman™ Dolls: Handmade black dolls in the cutest outfits, perfect for baby.

Woman of the Earth: For empowering spiritual mommas to be fearless.

Alexandria Benson: A modern momma cultivating kindness.*

Positive Influences for Women:

Influencing in Color: Four badass chicks with a commitment to inclusion and diversity. They’re the cutest.

Danielle Coke: An artist who believes, has words to live by, and illustrations to lift you up.


All the Pretty Birds: Unique, classic fashion, and style.
Ashley Sims, the Aesthetic Girl: A mom who dazzles and dominates.

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