February 12, 2020

Want to order your print framed?

Please note that turnaround times for framing orders are taking longer than usual due to COVID-19. Please allow up to three (3) weeks for production before your order ships.

Here's how.

I am excited to announce that you can now purchase custom framed, ready to hang, Cash Color prints courtesy of my new framing partner, Simply Framed. Take a look at the five high-quality frames that you can choose from.

black gallery wood frame heading

Who doesn't love a clean black matte black picture frame? This classic black gallery frame is not only a perfect match for a Cash Color print, but it's also a timeless choice that will look great in any room—no matter how many times you change your décor!

white gallery wood frame

This white gallery wood frame is clean, bright, and timeless. It goes especially well with the Color Letters and Portraits Collections.

natural gallery wood frame

Complete your gallery wall look with the neutral wood gallery frame. This minimalist aesthetic will feel at home in any interior style, from mid-century modern spaces to bohemian beach bungalows.

bright gold metal frame

This bright gold metal frame adds a thin gilded border around the outside of your print and allows the artwork to take center stage. This frame's delicate, slightly rounded profile adds the perfect mid-century vibe to any Cash Color print.

silver blackout metal frame

The silver blackout metal frame adds a straightforward, modern vibe to any interior. Its bright silver face contrasts perfectly with the black sides to create a harmonious match for any of the pieces in the Neutral Letters, Lines, Figures, and Faces Collections.


Simply Framed Logo - Small

Why did I choose Simply Framed as my framing partner?

I chose Simply Framed because they offer their framing services to both large and small businesses. They have streamlined the process and made it possible for independent artists, designers, galleries, and retailers to provide quality printing and framing services to their customers.

I hope that you too will find Cash Color's framing services helpful and convenient! 

To find out more about our framing services, please visit the Framing page. 




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