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And just like that... it's November. 

Isn't it crazy that the holidays are almost upon us? Since the end of the year is here, I wanted to reflect on what I was most thankful for this year. 2021 came with plenty of external challenges, as well as personal ones such as navigating our first year as a family of four while growing an eCommerce business. But even amidst the chaos, I experienced so much growth – growth within myself, in my relationships, and in my business.


As you know, I process life through art. This year, I re-discovered my love for abstract painting. It became such a therapeutic process for me that I wanted to share it with others by teaching. Instructing the painting classes reminded me of the importance of being able to paint freely from a place within my soul and to ignore judgment from others. I don't have to explain that the messy abstract piece that was  my life’s inspiration is not “something a child did” but it’s my emotions on paper. It was a privilege to participate with other women as they shared their expressions of visual vulnerability and courage.

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As important as the art is to Cash Color, none of it would get out into the world without my marketing team. I’m thankful for the way they strategize on how to provide you with quality, beautiful art through a seamless user experience (hello, new website refresh!) while teaching me the why behind the what. They are not hired experts, they are partners who are passionate about bringing joy into your home through art.

We also launched the Farm Animals Collection this year! I am so thankful for the inspiration my children give to me and this collection is a direct reflection of that.


One of our goals this year was getting on Maisonette and we did it! We expanded our reach and are in a couple dozen shops. I’m beyond thankful for the shops that stocked my art on their shelves. To be hand-picked by each store owner is one of the biggest compliments – there are so many options out there so to be chosen by you is the greatest honor.

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I’m thankful for collaborations like Nashville Soap Co. and Saint Maide and the ability to work in other mediums and partner with other small business owners. In all of our busy lives, we found time to connect more and appreciate each other's skills and what we could all separately bring to the table.


I’m thankful for my family. This year, Ivy Honor turned one! With Ivy’s surgery and all that we went through there, I am so thankful and continue to be overwhelmed by your outpouring of positivity and love. To be able to connect with other Cranio moms has been more helpful than I could have ever imagined as we root on our babies together.


I am thankful for the opportunity to give back! This year, I have felt overwhelmed at times with all the challenges that surround us. I know I will never be able to fix them by myself, but speaking up for the causes I feel strongly about helps. I do believe that we have a much better chance of coming up with solutions when we work together.

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While there is so much to be thankful for this year, there were also very hard times. However, despite hardships, we gained more strength and understanding for others. We became closer to each other and cut out the noise. We focused on our family. We worked our asses off. We stayed up late. We laughed a lot. We ate. We drank. We stayed warm. We stayed together. We loved hard. We listened to our hearts and gave where they led us. And we’re going to keep doing just that.


I've learned to be more grateful for the simple things, like warm showers, deep breaths, baby faces, hugs, fresh air, the changing of the seasons, stars, and the simple reality of how small we really are.

Despite being an optimist, this year has thrown out a lot of challenges. Do I love my life? Yes. Do I love everything about it at all times? No! But I'm learning to be more okay with that too.

Thank you for reaching out, engaging, commenting, and donating with me this year. I am thankful for you. For your time reading this. For allowing me into your home. For trusting me with your time.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!

With Love,

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P.S. This month's free download is a special piece inspired by our recent collaboration with Saint Maide and their beautiful floral arrangements. Add these black and white beauties to your favorite device this holiday season as a reminder to slow down and practice gratitude. Download it HERE now



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