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Holiday Home Decorating Guide

Posted by Caitlin Shirock on

October is here, which means it’s finally acceptable to plan for the holidays!

This year, we'll be hosting small groups of friends and family in our home and I’m excited to transform my home corner by corner for the holidays.

I always love the excuse to shop and support small businesses, especially when it comes to freshening up my home for our special guests!

Here is my holiday decorating guide of simple swaps that I am planning to prep my home for the upcoming season:

1. Create Warm Floral Arrangements

If you know me, you know I love Saint Maide’s arrangements. (We actually have a super fun collaboration coming in November, sign up HERE if you want to find out more!) For the holidays, I'll be switching out my bright and airy summer arrangements with dark and moody colors for the fall and holiday season. Be sure to browse Saint Maide’s site for a variety of arrangements to enhance any tabletop. Like art, flowers truly make your home cozy and inviting!

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2. Swap in Fresh Throw Pillows

Swapping in different, warm-colored throw pillows is a great way to give a room a fresh feel. I like warm colors with lots of texture to add a more cozy vibe to my living room for the fall. Lucky Collective’s pillows are perfect! Each of their pieces is unique and hand-crafted in Morocco. There’s just something about cozy pillows that make a space warm and inviting for guests to enjoy.

3. Set the Mood with Warm Candles

Show me a cozy, fall home that doesn’t have accent candles strewn about at every turn… Cozy homes simply don’t exist without the help of candles! There are few things I love more than candles to enhance the vibe of every room. Pair them with matchsticks (like these from Tenn Prairie) and I’m obsessed. Try the ASL I Love You Candle for a warm and cozy vibe for curling up by the fire or enjoying pre-dinner cocktails. If you’re looking for a light, herby scent, the Peace Hand Sign Candle has your name all over it.

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4. Roll Out New Rugs

Fresh rugs can bring so much life to your home. My favorite rugs always come from Apple & Oak. Their beautiful (old) new rugs are the perfect way to freshen up hallways, guest rooms, and bathrooms. Besides a fresh design, it’s always nice to roll out new rugs to replace the graham cracker smashed rug that’s been stomped on all year long.

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5. Add Fresh Holiday Artwork

As we transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas (in my home), one of my favorite ways to keep my home appropriately festive is to switch out the artwork in each room. One special thing about affordable art is the ability to move it around or switch it out throughout the year. Maybe Linea No. 1 is perfect year-round, but when the holiday season comes around, you want to swap it out for a Peace Sign. Minted also has a great selection of affordable holiday prints to swap out for each season and they source their art from artists just like me!

Leave Room for the Finishing Touches

One of my favorite things about hosting is all the fun details and special ‘somethings’ I get to add to my home. Here’s a peek of what daydreams have consisted of:

  • Seasonal drinkware and cocktail ingredients, specifically this simple syrup from Perfectly Cordial. It’s delicious and the perfect addition to any spirit or sparkling water!
  • Pre-ordering a pie from Caity Pies. No explanation needed. Get on the list. You won’t regret it!
  • Dressing for the occasion. Yes, I'm the mom who will totally outfit the whole fam for special events - ideas for me, the kids, and the cat!
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Whether you’re in disbelief that we are already in October or if you’ve been counting down the days to the holidays, this time of year can become stressful and frantic. Rearranging furniture and freshening up the house for fall is basically therapy in my mind, so I hope you find comfort and joy in making your home peaceful and bright.

With Love,

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P.S. For a little extra fun...

Don't forget to decorate you device! Add some spooky and spirited fun to your phone with this month's Free Download.

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