Introducing Cash Color Wholesale!

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Want to help me spread some joy?

As an artist, I love creating art that makes you happy. Now, as a business owner, I'm on a mission to add more joy to your home décor with Cash Color's line of high-quality, affordable art prints.

What started out as a fun way to turn my art skills into something tangible that I could share with customers is now a real, grown-up business and I’m thrilled to officially introduce you to the Cash Color Wholesale Program!

The first shop owner that asked about selling my prints in their store owned one of my favorite children's boutiques in Nashville, The Getalong. I'm not going to lie, I  freaked out for a minute. Was I ready to put my art out there? Would anybody buy it? It's one thing to upload your artwork to a website and hoping people find it and like it enough to buy it, displaying my art in one of my favorite stores that I personally frequented felt like a whole new level of exposure. But, I swallowed my fears and went for it because it was an opportunity to spread more joy. 

Cash Color Print Display at The Getalong Nashville

I have learned a lot as a wholesaler through my partnership with The Getalong I've been able to experiment enough to find what works and what doesn’t when it comes to displaying products, offering discounts, and which pieces people tend to connect with more in a store setting. My favorite part has been getting to hear so many customer stories about the places my prints have ended up!

Whether I’m in the store restocking art, taking my son Geo to group storytime, or shopping for special gifts for friends, there’s something about being in a physical location that online shopping will never replace. I am thankful for shop owners who build brick-and-mortar stores that foster micro-communities in their neighborhoods and I can't wait to partner with more of you through our wholesale program.

Cash Color Prints on Display at The Getalong Shop in East Nashville, TN

And now, I'd love to hear from you! Are you a store owner who would like to become a stockist? Or, maybe you have a favorite shop you think Cash Color would be a good fit for?

Send me an email and let me know! Or click the button below to complete the contact form on the Wholesale page to receive our wholesale catalog, line sheet, and terms of service to review.

To all my existing customers, thank you for helping the Cash Color community grow and for doing your part to spread the joy! I’m so excited that you are a part of this adventure with me!


With Love,

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