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Nursery art, but make it cool

I’m so excited to introduce the cute and fun Farm Animal Collection!

Do your kids love animals as much as mine do? I’ve been wanting to create something new and colorful that’s specifically created for nurseries and playrooms, and this collection is a direct inspiration from my son, Geo. He’s obsessed with farm animals—especially cows—and so, following my heart as always, I began sketching simple line drawings of animals that combined a variety of colors and patterns. Out of this new work emerged my Farm Animal Collection.

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While I was working on this collection, it was important to me that the animals didn’t feel too abstract or too grown up. I wanted them to be playful enough for a nursery, but for them to also work just as easily in a kid’s bathroom, playroom, or even the kitchen. I love how they turned out because I was able to stay true to my artistic style, paint something Geo is obsessed with, and also honor the deep connections we make with humans and animals alike while living on our beautiful planet Earth.

the inspiration

Although I’m very proud of the Farm Animal Collection, it’s definitely the result of a shameless attempt to capture this stage in Geo’s life. All of the animals take on a little personality of our sweet boy. He’s silly, he’s smart, he’s a feeler, he has a very specific sense of humor, and he’s careful not to jump too quick. And he loves his friends—both humans and animals.

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So where did Geo’s love of farm animals and cows come from? Ever since he could make a grip, his little baby hands have been holding on to something. In the early days, he preferred kitchen utensils like a spatula or his whisk.

Then he spotted his first farm animal. Anytime he saw a farm-themed book or toy, he’d go straight for it. He spent hours playing with his bucket of plastic farm animals (which were just the right size for gripping). He became so attached to one toy in particular: the tiniest cow you’ve ever seen. He took this cow everywhere with him—on walks, in the bath, to meals, and during nap time. This infatuation has led to several cow-themed adventures like birthday parties, costumes, trips to the petting zoo, and the purchase of several back-up cows, just in case.

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Geo used to crawl down the steps and waddle over to my lap while I was working in my studio, wanting to be lifted up to “work” with me. I would give him the closest piece of scrap paper and pens or markers from my desk and let him scribble away. One day, Scott drew a cow for him—and from that moment on, that cow was all he ever wanted us to draw. He would hand the pen to me and just say “Cow!”

After a while, I got pretty good at drawing cows, and eventually decided that his cow needed some other farm animal friends to play I started sketching several other animals to join and the Farm Animal Collection was born.

Mucca Cow Introduction Paragraph June Blog Post | Cash Color

Cavalla Horse Introduction Paragraph June Blog Post | Cash Color

Pollo Chicken Introduction Paragraph June Blog Post | Cash Color

Agnello Lamb Introduction Paragraph June Blog Post | Cash Color

the Earth

I included the sun, the moon, the Earth, and the sky in each painting to pay homage to Earth. “Geo” is a prefix derived from the Greek word meaning “earth”, usually in the sense of “ground or land.” We loved that meaning because we spend a lot of time thinking about how we’re all connected through this beautiful planet. We want to teach our children to love and respect the Earth and all the wonderful creatures in it.

I hope these prints make you and your little ones feel connected to this Earth and all the beauty and creatures you find here.

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We’re planning on releasing this collection sometime in July, but if you love them as much as I do, head over to the Free Downloads Page and download all these farm friends for your child’s tablet or the desktop at home

You can also sign up HERE to be notified when the collection has been released and we’ll give you first dibs on this brand-new collection.

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