Past Reflections and Future Dreams

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In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. - Sun Tzu

Last year we were faced with so many challenging unknowns, but we also witnessed many hopeful or empowering moments. When I start to feel overwhelmed or worried about what the future holds I turn to my journals to make art as a way of trying to make sense of things. It's important for me to stay connected to something that fills me back up with joy. I am so proud that Cash Color's two top-selling prints in 2020 were the Peace Sign and the ASL "I Love You" Sign! It is very satisfying to know that art I have created resonated with so many of you and that in the midst of chaos we are still finding ways to celebrate peace and love.  

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I look back on photos from this year, and it’s clear: the days were long, but the year flew by. I spent the year trying my hardest to turn my art into a full-time career and business of my own. I managed to do this while pregnant and raising a toddler during the darkest year in a century. I watched Geo become a little artist and animal lover, and I felt an entire new life grow inside of me because this world needed her right then. I was determined to keep going.

It was my most successful year for Cash Color. During the most bizarre period of our lifetime, people still shopped. Everyone’s home became more important than ever. Homes became a place of work, school, and safety from the chaos outside. I’m so honored you chose my art to brighten up a corner or wall in your sacred space. That is a gift I do not take for granted, and I’m beyond grateful.

top moments from 2020:


  • New Product Launches
    • T-Shirts - This was a year of new ventures and collaborations. I tried my hand at apparel with t-shirt designs. I love clothes, and especially seeing how people express themselves through their personal style. Designing t-shirt graphics and seeing my customers spread peace in more ways than just on your walls was so much fun!
    • Greeting Cards - Also, getting to collaborate with Breathless Paper to create greeting cards was amazing. Sending love and peace makes me feel like what we're doing is all worth it. I believe so much in the power of a handwritten note and giving thoughtful, genuine affirmations. One sentiment can change the course of someone's life.
  • Protests - When I look at the growth from this past year, I have to talk about personal growth, too. I, along with so many of my white peers, worked hard to unlearn and learn again. I learned to find my voice in it all and the courage to stick up for what’s right. I shouted that black lives matter, white supremacy is real, and that I have a lot of work to do. Speaking up looks different for everyone, and it’s important to find your own voice in all of this divide—whether that's through painting a picture or protesting in the streets.
    I love that you gave me the ability to raise money and give back to so many organizations I care deeply about—organizations that are doing hard work every day to educate, provide resources, and a safe place for the marginalized. I plan on doing a lot more of that this year!
  • Baby Ivy - Absolutely the best thing to happen in 2020! She’s our dream girl, and I’m so honored to be her mama. Watching her grow these couple months into who she’s meant to be and observing all her unique ways has already been such a gift. I find myself hopeful and dreaming again about one day showing my littles the world as we (slowly) open back up.
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    goals for 2021:


    • Excited to launch a new Black & White Letters collection 
    • Looking forward to working with more stockists
    • Planning more collaborations with other artists
    • Continued personal growth
    • Keeping up with life and work with two kids!

      I’ve been wanting to do a new letter line for a couple years now, it’s finally here and seems fitting for the times. The new Black and White Letter Collection will soon be launching and I can’t wait to see how you make these letters shine in your homes!

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      It’s one of my dreams to partner with April Tomlin or collaborate with Relic Home. I want to style spaces and photos with Saint Made. I would also love to be an artist for the Keep A Breast Show. I want to be in more local shops like Wilder, and Welcome Home. I want to join the vendors on Maisonette and The Tot. Ideally, Cash Color will expand to shops across the country. Anyone who believes in my art is a dream Stockist to have. I’m very excited to reach more small businesses through Faire because I know I have art that can bring shops and customers joy and happiness.

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      Most of all, I want to accomplish all of these things while being present to experience all the firsts with Ivy and Geo, and to spend as much time as possible loving and teaching their little hearts and creative minds this year. I want to surround them with warmth, music, art, exploration, and nature. To travel the world right now isn’t in the cards, so we are gifted with seeing the beauty in the mundane. We are entering this new year with the ongoing challenge of creating close bonds with each other, solid relationships, and a deep love for one another. That's what it's all about. 

      With all the suffering and loss this past year, my hope is that every art piece I create will help, heal, or celebrate the important milestones. Here’s to more courage, kindness, health, and (hopefully) togetherness in the new year!


      With Love,

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