Introducing Cash Color Wholesale!

What started out as a fun way to turn my art skills into something tangible that I could share with customers is now a real, grown-up business! I’m thrilled to introduce the Cash Color Wholesale Program! Click to find out more and to download the wholesale catalog.


Meet My New Framing Partner: Simply Framed!

Don't you wish you could order your Cash Color prints already framed? Well, now you can! I am excited to announce that you can choose from five custom frame options to add to the print of your choice courtesy of my new framing partner, Simply Framed!


Journal No. 2: Time to Love Every Body

I, like most girls, wanted bigger boobs, a thinner waist, smaller feet, less hairy everything, a smaller nose — and hell, while we’re at it, bigger lips, too. I compared myself to everyone, from other girls in the hallway to women in magazines. Then one day, I woke up.


Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Anybody else starting to panic because they are realizing how crazy close it is to Christmas? If you have been super busy like me, I thought you might need some last-minute gift guide inspiration to help you shop for everyone on your list.


Journal No. 1: Christmas With Geo

He was only three weeks old last Christmas. Everything was crazy, overwhelming, tender and full of wonder all because of our new arrival: Georgio Love. Everything had changed, including traditions for me — and new ones we would set for him.


The Black and White Collections

There’s just something sophisticated about the striking simplicity of black and white art. It’s hard to hide from what appears on the canvas when working with positive and negative space. The Black and White Collection images manage to say so much with so little.


Introducing the Portrait Collection

I started painting the Portrait Collection as I was approaching the big 3-0 birthday. That particular change in digits felt significant. I knew that I was about to embark on a new chapter in life and I wanted to savor and celebrate the decade that was my adventurous 20s.


Introducing the Letters Collection

It's time for a modern letter makeover! Letters were never supposed to be boring or typical. Introducing the Cash Color take on the monogram. Born out of years of doodles and sketches, I am happy to share with you our bold, funky (and a lot more fun!) Letter Collections!


Meet Artist Caitlin Shirock (That's Me!)

Meet Nashville artist Caitlin Shirock. Her style draws from both traditional and digital art techniques to create original paintings. Find out why she is on a mission to spark joy through her line of high-quality, affordable art prints for Cash Color!

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