Meet the artist behind Cash Color

Hi, my name is Caitlin Shirock, welcome to Cash Color! I’ve always been fascinated by what people choose to put inside their homes. What they decide to display tells a story of who they are, what they believe, and what they feel — and it makes me so happy to imagine my artwork in their homes and becoming a part of their “décor story”.

After earning a degree in fine art and working for large brands that included Abercrombie & Fitch, Betsey Johnson, and Oscar de la Renta, I began searching for a way to create art in a way where I could actually SEE the customer engage with the final product once it was completed. It was these experiences that inspired me to start my own company.


Cash Color Studios

My primary goal is to create original artwork for people’s homes that will bring them joy, and I feel that the Cash Color line of high-quality reproduction art prints allows more people to be able to afford this feeling in their homes.

Cash Color Studios officially launched in 2017, with a collection of products that featured a combination of hand-painted messages mixed with love for expressive, bright and colorful art. 

I sincerely hope that you find a Cash Color print that will become a part of your home and that it will be a constant reminder of a special moment in your life that brought you joy.