A Change of Heart for Cash Color

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A New Chapter Begins

It makes me emotional to say this, but it's time. Cash Color is going to look a little differently going forward.

I've decided to shift gears towards where I feel drawn, and it's no longer hand signs and modern letter prints. It's one of a kind, physical, tangible, raw, real, emotive, original art. Like this new collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, and the Well + Wonder collections, like this one, that will continue to be released throughout the year. 

Following My Heart

While my kids are little, my time to work and paint is short. I know there is so much more within me to create and I'm finally taking that leap to do it full time! Cash Color meant so much to me in my 30’s, but I feel like I've been clinging to the past because of all I've invested in running the print shop. This has been one of my favorite chapters, but the time has come to make room for my next adventure, and I've decided to close the Cash Color Print Shop.

Accepting Change

The last (almost) decade has been a period of development, maturation, and self-discovery that has laid the foundation for future chapters. Hello seven-year-cycles of life!

But, if you are still looking for Hand Sign or Letter Prints, you'll still be able to purchase them online on my website until the end of February. I will also continue to stock the prints at The Getalong in Nashville. (Local pickup and shipping is available.) I’m still debating whether or not I will open my Print or Etsy shop in the future, but time will tell.

If you’ve been following me on socials, this may not come as much of a surprise, because I’m sure it's been clear where my heart truly is. Life is short. My heart is telling me that I need to shift my focus to where it matters most-- family and fine art. Closing the print shop will allow me to have more time to explore and grow in this next phase of being an artist.

Full of Gratitude

I am so thankful for all of you who have been on this journey with me and feel so grateful for how many of you connected with the prints! The most rewarding part of this business has always been having the privilege of hearing your stories. Whether you purchased a print to honor a loved one, past or present, or simply loved the way the art made you feel, your responses always made my day.

I know that many of you were drawn to the hand signs and letter prints and I cannot thank you enough for the honor of hanging in your homes. Thank you for accepting me as a human on a journey and for supporting an artist following her heart.

Each ending is the start of a new beginning.

With Love,

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