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Drumroll please... 

I’ve been sending subtle hints over social media for a couple of weeks and now I can finally share the big news. This journey of diving back into my abstract original art has led to an invitation to join the Well + Wonder Artist Collective! This has been a dream of mine for a while and joining a group of southern emerging artists is an opportunity I don’t take lightly. I have been busy in my studio painting a collection I’m really proud of. This invitation has stretched and challenged me to think outside of my own inspiration, and consider sizes, colors, movement and textures I hope others will be drawn to.

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Continue Building Your Art Collections with Well + Wonder

My dream is that you all benefit from this opportunity along with me because you have been an intrical part of my story. Thanks to you and your purchases from my print shop, custom pet portraits, and commissioned art pieces, I am where I am today. The connections I have made with each of you by talking about the art and sharing how each piece makes you feel has made me a better artist and for that I am so grateful.

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This collective is an opportunity for all of you to continue your art collection with emerging artists and those who are serious about their work and career. Well + Wonder has done the hard part for you and scouted out the talent so you can connect with the pieces and learn about artists you may have never known. I am honored to be here and am excited to shop from Well + Wonder myself!

THANK YOU endlessly and I cannot wait to hear what you think about this new collection!

With Love,

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