How I Found Myself Again in the Art

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This year has been such a gift

Despite the insanity of trying to keep an e-Commerce brand thriving through the toughest year since starting out, I found myself. I found myself as a woman coming out of the trenches of early motherhood. I found myself splashing paint on large scale canvases in my own studio space. I found myself again in the art.

The Cash Color art print collection has been bringing joy into the homes of thousands of customers since 2017. Now, I'm stepping into new realms of artistic expression and introducing my original art pieces to the public. This step has taken an insane amount of vulnerability. I create these pieces in my own safe space and the last few months had to swallow the nerves and get this part of me out into the world.

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These showcase opportunities were a perfect place for fear to show up. I learned to recognize this and remember to stand tall and take up space through it all. I found myself wanting to explore new ways to express some of these big, bold feelings on canvas. Painting and drawing have always been my preferred method for processing my feelings and experiences. When I started, I played it safe by drawing with clean, solitary lines and painting with precise brush strokes. I kept my personal expression pieces to myself. With the originals, the works are primarily abstract, they are bold, expressive, and full of movement. I tried new painting techniques, mixed new colors that matched my emotions, and let go of some of my self-imposed "safe" rules.

a place to take up space

This risk-taking year started when I signed the lease on my very own art space. This was huge for me and my career as an artist because this was the first time I had left the house to work and create since I moved to Nashville eight years ago. Learning to be a mom to two kids in three years, living through a pandemic, growing my business in tight quarters at home. It’s all just been a lot. Now, I can move! Stretch! Do cartwheels in the new warehouse! I’ll either paint my heart out or stand there and just take it all in. Most days, it’s a little bit of both and that’s ok. I’m so proud of everything that has come from this new space.

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A beautiful surprise that came from getting this studio was the excitement I see in my kid’s eyes when they walk through the door to visit me. The memories I had as a child at my dad and mom’s work will never leave me. I remember using all the highlighters, going through everyone's desk drawers and making pop up cards. This stage feels like some kind of milestone to watch these memories form in Geo and Ivy’s minds too. Geo picks out his favorite paintings and Ivy is there to run around but I can only hope they grow up with the same types of memories of being at my work as I did.

original art created uniquely for you

Over the last couple of months I have been able to watch people engage with my art, interact with it and tell me what they see when looking at each piece. It has been beautiful. Someone at the Yearly Co. pop up said, “it looks like you have so much fun making these, you can feel the joy in the art”. It was my favorite thing to hear. That has always been the goal, to bring joy to your home decor. I love that you appreciate the craft of each frame and that you love each detail that goes into each piece. To see you stand in front of the work and have your own moments with it is such a gift. Thank you! I take so much pride in delivering and installing originals and commissioned pieces of art because I get to the see the light ignite. Some of you have been collecting art for a while and some have started your art collection journey with me. Wow, what an honor.

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Art matters! It lifts you up! Let’s you dream crazy things. And we all need more of that! Make your living space feel more inspired with new art. A piece of original art created uniquely for YOU. You’ll see the magic it can bring to your home.

Thank you for letting me into your homes and allowing me to be, me.


With Love,

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