The Journey of Saying, "Yes"

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Work. Create. Dream.

If you follow me on Instagram, it’s no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with my new studio space. Yes, this momma did it - after eight years of working from home, I took the leap and said YES to a dedicated warehouse where I can work, create, and dream.

I find inspiration for my art all around me, but being in this space has unlocked new levels of creativity. I’m stepping into new realms and really focusing on creating more original art pieces. Paintings I’ve dreamt about creating inside my head for years are finally being put to canvas and becoming a reality. There’s something about saying, "YES" to yourself that’s so freeing. But friends, you and I both know, it doesn’t happen overnight.

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embrace the messy journey

The journey of saying yes to this space, like all good journeys, has been messy. When I was younger, people would tell me: “Caitlin, paint now because once you have kids you’ll never be able to paint again.” Now that I have two kids, I’ve never painted MORE in my life.

Was it hard? Yes.

Did I have to be persistent to find time to create? Yes.

Were there times when I had to walk away from a painting to be with my kids? Absolutely.

But I always returned. I kept going.

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I created from home for the past few years, knowing that I was being true to myself and following my dreams. And to now be able to get in my car, drive to a space that’s all my own, and create without distraction… It’s not lost on me what an amazing opportunity this is, and I’m so grateful.

perfectly imperfect hearts

I’m sharing this messy journey with you as February’s free downloadable artwork. I’ve loved drawing hearts ever since I was little, so when I set out to create love-inspired artwork for you in honor of Valentine’s Day, this beautiful, heart messiness emerged. The drips. The layers. The starts and the stops. They’re all part of creating something so perfectly imperfect. I hope that when you see this on your phone screen or your laptop, you’re reminded that, though your journey may be messy, it’s full of heart and passion.

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So from my messy heart to yours: Don’t listen to the noise. Take your heart and passions seriously. Keep going.

With Love,

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