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How Cash Color Pays it Forward

The Hand Sign Collection started with a commission from my sister-in-law, Sarah Reed. She has a home staging and design company, Arbor & Co., and needed a modern, gender-neutral and fun piece of art for a project that she was working on. We decided to do the Peace Sign and made it huge. As this massive print made its way through several other homes that she staged, the orders started pouring in along with requests for additional hand signs.

Over the last couple of years that Peace Sign Print has inspired several other hand sign prints. Creating this collection felt different than my other pieces. Rather than painting from a place of personal reflection, these prints represent the joy and sentiments I most want to send into the world. This year has stirred up so much change in the world and in my life in particular, I’ve decided to pay forward the love you all show to me. Each month, I’ll be donating 10% of all proceeds to different organizations that inspire me every day.

Peace Sign Print - Cash Color October Blog Post

The Peace Sign has proven to spread love and positivity, it stands to resolve conflict, promote equality, and make change that will better the lives and environments of the world. I chose The Conscious Kid for this print because they work every day to help our next generation.


Shaka Sign Print - Cash Color October Blog Post

The Shaka Print is a perfect reminder to chill when things get too crazy. I can’t help but be reminded of the calmness of the ocean. To join the fight in protecting our oceans, 10% of all proceeds from each Shaka Print sold will be donated directly to the Ocean Conservancy.

Rock On Sign Print - Cash Color October Blog Post

I created the Rock On Print for music lovers and listeners everywhere. I also wanted to have something gender neutral for nurseries, airbnbs and bachelor pads. This year with so many musicians' careers put on halt, this print holds a new meaning. I’ll be donating 10% of monthly proceeds from the Rock-On print to Music Health Alliance, providing health insurance and advocacy to musicians affected not only by the Tornado back in March but also the pandemic.

ASL "I Love You" Hand Sign Print - Cash Color October Blog Post

The American Sign Language (ASL) “I love you” Sign Print definitely has a lot more to it than just a cute piece of art. I have learned more about the deaf community through my friend, Laura Brown, who is an ASL interpreter. I wanted to honor this beautiful language that allows their voices to be heard. The monthly proceeds from this print will be donated directly to Camp D.O.V.E Deaf Outreach through Visual Effects.

Heart Hands Print - Cash Color October Blog Post

Back in June, in direct response to the heroes that emerged in this pandemic, the nurses and doctors, grocery store staff, first responders and all other essential workers, I drew the Heart Hands Print. This print is my way of honoring all the hands that are working together across the globe to help us get through the current health crisis. Each month, 10% of proceeds from this print are donated to Feeding America.

Resist Hand Sign Print - Cash Color October Blog Post

Last but certainly not least is the Resist Hand Sign Print. This print represents growth, strength and the daily fight for antiracism. To the peaceful protestors, educators, authors, advocates, and everyone seeking justice for this country, this print is inspired by you. Gideon’s Army is an organization who has been demanding change and working every day to rebuild North Nashville and I’ll be donating 10% of all proceeds from this print to their cause.


Thanks to each and every one of you for supporting Cash Color by purchasing Hand Sign Prints! Together we can make a bigger difference than when we act alone. 

With Love,


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