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Time For A Modern Monogram Makeover

When I was younger, so. many. things. were monogrammed. Then I moved to the south and let’s just say, monogram art is somewhat of a staple when it comes to nursery decor. I remember thinking anytime I saw my initials engraved in something, it never fit me exactly. As a young artist who loved typography, I remember admiring the beautiful way the letters all fit together in a monogram, but I also remember dreaming up ways of making names and letter sketches... funkier, and that’s where my letter collection began.

The Color Letters

The Color Letters Collection began when a new mom, Leslie, asked me to create something custom for her daughter’s nursery. She had just worked with an amazing decorator to refinish her incredible house. She showed me a couple of art pieces for inspiration that were full of abstract elements- which was not your average, run of the mill nursery. My challenge was (and always is) to create something I love that brings meaning to someone else.

Then it hit me.

I began to imagine two huge abstract letters over the crib... the Caitlin version of a monogram! Wouldn’t it be interesting if the letters were so abstract that you couldn’t even tell that they were letters? I didn’t stop at “V” and “L”, I scribbled on napkins, sketchbooks, receipts, anything with enough blank space for a single letter until I had the full alphabet.

This season, I am currently obsessing over the newest addition to the collection, the Color Letters "&" Print! These “funky sketches” started it all — they were my very first Cash Color series of prints and I have to say, because of that, I will always be a little partial to this collection!

Color Letters Collection Blog

The Neutral Letters

In the same way that traditional monograms aren’t exactly my thing, I knew that the colors I chose for the Color Letter Collection might not suit everyone’s needs, so I created a completely different collection for those people in warm, neutral tones and took a more geometric approach.

One of the things I love about the Neutral Letters Collection is how many different ways people come up with to hang these letters. I would have never thought that by switching the Letter C on its side it would turn into a rainbow. I enjoy watching how people can make their own interpretation of my designs by seeing abstract shapes and can completely ignore the fact that they are indeed, letters.

When I was pregnant with my son, Geo, I was obsessed with finding the perfect decor for his nursery. I wanted it to be original and playful, but I also wanted it to reflect my style too. I would imagine myself holding and nursing him in a peaceful, dreamy room I created just for us. My goal is that these letters grow not only with your child as the style and age of their room changes but also as a mother, to have something that they can look back on to remember those peaceful moments with your newborn.

Additionally, it has also been so much fun to watch all the other types of walls that I would have never imagined these letter prints would land on! People are using the letters as a reminder of a special event or person in their kitchens, living rooms, and hallways. Check out the gallery to get some ideas! So, for all of the non-traditional monograms seekers like me, you can add a personal touch to your new baby's nursery and know that it is something that can stay in their room for years and years to come.

Neutral Letters Collection Blog

New Letters In the Works!

I’ve had so much fun with the Color and Neutral Letters Collections that I’ve started working on a new series of black and white letters that I’m really excited about. I’ve always felt like black and white add a clean, modern touch to any room, but it's hard to find black and white are that is playful and appropriate for nurseries and kid's rooms. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to the letter art. I’m currently sketching new abstract elements and experimenting with different textures. I love that this idea has been in my head since I was a teenager and that I am able finally ready to sketch it out and bring it to life!

These Letters Are Meant To Be Fun!

So get creative! Try hanging them upside down! Spell out something meaningful with several letters in a row! Start dreaming! Whatever you can dream up, I can't wait to print just for your walls!



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