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There are many wise, old sayings and proverbs that center around the idea of “it all starts at home”. From peace to love, charity to change, what blossoms in the home will grow into our communities. But somewhere along the way we lost sight of the importance of self love and care. Maybe it’s our culture of busyness—as if we get some sort of prize from being overworked and overwhelmed. While self-care has made a comeback in recent years, we can all use a reminder of how when we start at ‘home’ we have an even greater impact on our world.

you are not alone

Are any of you having a hard time answering the simple question of, “How are you?” I know when most people ask, they are simply being polite, but I'm finding I’m not alone in feeling that to be a loaded question. I read somewhere that the World Health Organization declared the trauma we are living through due to the pandemic is more than from World War II. And it’s not over!

So when I’m asked that question, I can’t help but answer, “Overwhelmed.” I spend my days feeling like I can never do enough to even make a dent anywhere. I’m anxious that everything I say is going to be taken in some offensive way to somebody. I’m worried I haven’t progressed enough with the new views on how everything important should be and to toss everything I’ve been raised to believe out the window. I’m sure a lot of this is motherhood, but I also have a feeling I’m not alone with these thoughts. As someone who has gone her entire life avoiding confrontation as much as possible, living in a time where we are faced with it every time we look at our phones is exhausting!

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finding joy

I was thinking the other day about September 11th. About what a horrific tragedy that was (and still is for so many affected). But look how our country came together! Look at all of the helpers that stepped in to make a difference. And like all grief, life went on. That unbelievably dark event happened in broad daylight and stopped an entire country in its tracks. Then weeks went by and cleanup efforts began, laws were changing, people carried on with life. Humanity rose and took one step after the other and enjoyed life again, continued having babies, and found joy again.

I know we can do that too. We can find joy every day. We can find love and light in our friendships and creations. We can make conscious efforts to make our homes a peaceful space where hate and tragedy have no place. We can use these experiences as lessons of love for our kids. We can set boundaries for ourselves to make sure WE are taken care of first, then our immediate loved ones, then when we are ready and full of love, share that peace with others.

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create a peaceful space

This is all easy to say, but how can this be done? How do we work through this constant feeling of “not enough?” If you have been a follower for a while, or maybe you are new to Cash Color, I create from a place of joy. My intent with every product I sell is to bring color and brightness to your homes through abstract art that sparks joy in me. It is imperative that I find a way to cope in order to create and what I’ve learned about myself is that those things go hand-in-hand. Art is healing for me. Art is peace. Art is comfort. I know that isn’t the case with everyone. Some of you find peace in books or podcasts, taking long drives, heading out into nature, whatever brings you peace, let’s commit to doing it!

I know for me, my home is a sanctuary, specifically my studio. I try to keep it a creative space free of clutter and chaos (most of the time) and this space is essential for my mental health. Do you have a space in your home that brings you peace? When creating each of my designs, I like to imagine where my customers will hang their art? In the entryway, over a crib, in a playroom, over a fireplace? Or maybe, you have a space of your own, just yours, where you can sit, exhale, and find yourself again.

Peace and Charity

I created the Peace Sign Print back in 2018 from a simple request from my sister-in-law. Three years later, I would have never imagined a more relevant piece of art. I never would have imagined how crucial this hand sign would become. I love hearing from all of you where you are hanging your Peace signs and what this art print means to each of you.

Cash Color September Blog Post Quote

There are so many organizations doing amazing things. Take a look at the Hand Signs Collection for example, I have attached proceeds to six different organizations for the six individual hand signs focused on completely different efforts. Sometimes finding or choosing organizations can be as overwhelming as the news but that’s why Together Rising is so amazing! They aren’t focused on any single effort, they let their donors decide. In small incremental contributions from donors they have been able to help out single mothers, people struggling with substance abuse, global humanitarian efforts, homelessness and so much more. This month, in the spirit of not knowing where to turn or who needs my dollars more, I’m going to give proceeds from all Peace Sign prints to Together Rising. I encourage you all to check out their site and the impact they have had.

remember to breathe!

This month’s Free Download is designed to allow each of us to exhale. Take a breath. Gather ourselves a bit and really visualize where our energy needs to be spent. Is it at your kid’s school, at home with your husband, on a best friend’s couch, or at a local food bank? All of those things are important and I don’t want us to lose sight of what matters to us most. So when you add these clouds to your phone background or your computer’s wallpaper, may it serve as a reminder to breathe.

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I don’t know what the future holds and it’s hard to imagine things getting better anytime soon, but I’m choosing to find the bright spots, remind myself that life goes on even through tragedy, art is comfort, and I can create inner peace and a peaceful place of rest to come home to everyday. I’d love to know how you find peace. Email me or find me on social and let’s get through this together.


With Love,

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