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It’s been six weeks. Evelyn, Hallie, William, Cynthia, Katherine, Mike.

In the aftermath of yet another school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 27th, I've witnessed heartbreak and healing. Along with my community, I’ve been actively seeking ways to act against further instances of violence. And, because I can't find the right words to adequately express all of my emotions about this tragedy, I’ve been painting.

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I’ve been painting my hopes for the future.

I’ve been painting through pain and sadness.

I’ve also been painting through moments of power, gratitude – the full range of emotions my heart has been feeling.

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The new Emotive Hearts Collection explores the tension between our need for peace and safety and the desire to feel that reassuring sense of comfort we experience when we embrace the people we love the most. Each painting portrays our hearts' capacity to shatter from intense pain, only to heal and regain the power to shine brightly all over again.

These emotive hearts were made out of my desperate need for survival, security, comfort and compassion. I repurposed canvases I already had in my studio and experimented with different sizes, textures, and color layers. Now when I look at each piece, I can see more love than despair.

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Art is a powerful catalyst for healing, but I also need to take action. I've decided to donate 10% of the proceeds from this collection to Moms Demand Action.

Sending you an extra dose of peace, love and healing this week and always. Now, go pass it on by downloading the free artwork below and then hug someone you love!

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With Love,

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