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My new Well + Wonder Art Collection was inspired by all things summer!

This summer has been full of inspiration! As we are getting closer to moving into our new home and Geo and Ivy get older, I’m finding myself holding tight to these summer memories. I’m savoring the final days in the home we brought both babies into while finding so much inspiration and joy in creating a new home for new memories. This summer season and decorating our next space is where this Well + Wonder Collection came out of.

This new summer collection has deep dramatic colors mixed with coastal blues and peaceful waves. I’ve loved modernizing our home but I have found so much inspiration from the traditional eclectic aesthetic so you’ll find I have incorporated that into my abstract style of color mixing and textures. I pulled inspiration from my backyard, the coastline in Hawaii, vintage island decor, ripples in the pool, shade from giant trees, and so much drama from big life changes happening all around me.

Riding The Wave

I’ve found myself in a phase of finding my true calling, enjoying the lightness summer brings and wanting to shed anything that isn’t serving me and my family. I’m having deep conversations with those I love. Celebrating big wins with friends but also trudging through deep loss with loved ones. I’m reflecting internally and finding peace and joy in the personal growth.

I love summer because it forces us all to slow down, take long walks, look for the sun while also finding comfort in the shade. I keep saying to myself, “Caitlin, just ride the wave” and I’ve decided that will is my summer motto! This month’s Free Download is my gift to you all. If you too are finding yourself in a place of change, use this as a reminder that we can embrace the change and find something new on the other side.

I’m thrilled to introduce this new collection to you all and I hope you feel the deep connection I have with each and every piece and find one that speaks to you, personally.

With Love,

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