Then and Now: Cash Color Turns 5

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Celebrating 5 Years of Cash Color With You

Humble Beginnings

As a new artist to Nashville, I spent the first two years in my home studio and made it my own. At the time, I was focused on graphic design and illustration -- designing stationery, wedding invitations, and logos. I eventually took a course that would help carve my path into figuring out what it was that I truly wanted with my passion.

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The 1st Collection

This learning experience led me to the name and launch of Cash Color. From my home studio, with the help of one intern, I released my first collection. The first Cash Color collection had not one… not two… but 26 pieces in it! Yep, the first collection was the Color Letters Collection. Feeling a mix of nervousness and excitement, I pushed aside my fears because I believed my art was thoughtful and would bring joy to homes all across the world.

Thank you, friends, for inviting this first collection of colorful letters into your homes, your children’s play areas, and your nurseries. The thought you put into creating spaces of joy and meaning for your families using personalized letters shows how much you care. And it was the perfect way to start my business and inspire me to keep going.

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Moving On Up

Back to my home studio: The room where I launched my first print collection has since been my place to figure it all out and grow into myself as an artist. It now brims mostly with printing and shipping supplies.

Fast-forward five years: My family has grown, and so has my business. Though I still have my home studio, I’m now in a space in Nashville where my artwork and I can take up space. I am committed as an artist and confident in my ability to create art work that brings you joy!

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Celebrating 5 Years… And Counting

In the last five years, I’ve shipped artwork all over the world, taught some of you and taken art classes myself. Since that first Color Letter Collection, I’ve released several collections, which have made their way into thousands of homes, magazines and blogs, onto store windows, and even onto your phone lock screens through the free art download offered every month. And most importantly, we’ve been privileged to donate to some amazing organizations, made possible by your purchases.

None of it would have happened if YOU weren’t here. I’m so thankful for you and for the opportunity to bring joy to your home and connect with you through email, on Instagram, at local vendor events, and through the amazing local businesses that carry my prints.

To my first time and repeat collectors - thank you for encouraging me. and choosing my work to live in your space. I love connecting with you over art.

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Exciting Things To Come

So what’s next for Cash Color? We’re kicking off this birthday month with a sitewide sale to say THANK YOU for five years!

I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be opening up requests for commissioned paintings very soon. I’ve had many requests for original paintings, and I’m ready for it! Painting is how I communicate, how I heal and I want to do more of it with you. This journey has led me to a place where I believe in myself as an artist and that the art I make will continue to spread joy and peace to collectors. Every piece has a deep meaning and connecting with you over that is so special to me.

I can’t wait to continue this journey together with you. Let’s turn up this celebration, cue the confetti, and say “Cheers to Five Years!”

Now… go shop for some artwork!

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Spring has sprung!

Celebrate by downloading this month’s free artwork HERE.

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