3 Tips for Decorating a Gender-Neutral Nursery

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Sooo many decisions... sooo little time

Putting together the nursery of your dreams can be one of the most exciting ways to prepare for the arrival of your little one... and it can also feel really overwhelming! After hours of scrolling Pinterest or Instagram, you might find some amazing inspiration but still not quite know how it will all fit together. Here are three areas of focus that helped me narrow down my ideas while I was decorating Geo and Ivy's nurseries. 

1 - choose your color palette

Finding (and sticking with) just the right color palette is always a challenge. This becomes an even bigger challenge if you are not limiting yourself to the traditional pink or blue color schemes for a gender-neutral nursery. To help keep your theme cohesive, try selecting one primary color and two accent colors. Here are a few questions that helped me select a color palette when I was decorating Geo and Ivy's rooms.

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  • How do you want the overall vibe of the room to feel? Warm, cool, bright, cozy? Colors can evoke a lot of different emotions and feelings. Pay attention to how your color palette supports the vibe you are going for. 
  • What is the long-term use for this room? Will this room stay a nursery for more than one baby, evolve into a big kid’s room, playroom, or home office?
  • Are there any pieces of furniture or rugs that you need to consider? You might already have a perfectly functional dresser, can't change the carpet, or need to keep the bookcases in the nursery room. Be sure to factor those items in when selecting your colors so they will blend into your color scheme.
  • Do you have a specific color that you have already fallen in love with? Are you starting to see a pattern on your Pinterest boards? If you are gravitating toward the same color theme then go ahead and designate that as your primary accent color and see if you can find two other supporting colors that will tie everything together in your nursery space.
  • Will you need to paint all of the walls? Maybe you only need to paint one accent wall, or you could paint three walls and use some fabulous wallpaper on one accent wall?

The good news is that neutral and earthy tones trending right now, which means you have sooo many nursery decor options to choose from. (Grab some gender-neutral nursery design inspo here!

2 - add visual interest

Once you’ve settled on your big furniture pieces and picked out your color palette, it’s time to select artwork and decor for your nursery! Depending on your aesthetic, you’ll want to choose art that compliments the design.

A gallery wall is a great way to incorporate artwork that has a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. This is a great way to add some pops of color to your neutral decor without being overwhelming. For example, a combination of several unique, small-scale pieces featuring woodtone frames would look perfect with one (or several!) of the Neutral Letter Prints framed in black or gold metal frames. 

Photo Credits: G @novelcreature

The nursery is a space that the whole family will end up spending a lot of time in. All of those late night feedings, diaper changes, tummy time sessions, and sweet snuggles will be happening here! You'll want to keep the decor baby-friendly, but also make sure it’s a space that everyone else will enjoy, too.

3 - make it personal

Now, this is the fun part! You put a lot of thought into choosing your baby’s name, so featuring their name, or initials, in a prominent place in the nursery is a great way to add a personal touch to their room. Over the years I have loved seeing all the creative ways customers have incorporated prints from the Cash Color Letter Collections added their nurseries. If you have one (or several) Neutral, Color, or B & W letters hanging in your nursery, I'd love to see yours too! You can tag your Instagram post or DM a photo directly to me @cash.color.

Here are some of my favorites:

Photo Credits L-R: @baselandspice | @hunterpremo | @lexiemitch + photo by @cindy44
  • Horizontal Full Name: This is a beautiful way to utilize a blank space on a big wall or over a crib to create a cohesive look.
  • Block Full Name: We love the way Hunter Premo collaborated with Oak Nashville to spell out baby Remy’s name in a block.
  • Modern Monogram: If your little one has a big name - or if you’re short on space - try this modern take on a monogram! Display their initials or choose a single letter and personalize it with their full name.

Don't forget to tag me @cash.color on Instagram so I can see the swoon-worthy nursery you create!


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