Looking For The Perfect Gift For Pet-Lovers?

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Every animal lover knows that pets are family.

In the same way you showcase school pictures of your kids and family vacation photos, why wouldn't you show off your furry family member too? They deserve their picture on the wall as much as the rest of the family. If you aren’t a pet-owner, I bet you have a family or friend who is crazy over their cat or dog and these are the perfect gifts for those loved ones. 

Cash Color Custom Pet Portraits Available on CashColor.Com

The Pet Portrait Collection was created because I had the privilege of creating two black and white pet portraits as commission requests for customers. I found the process to be so fulfilling knowing that I can take a photograph of these special friends and create artwork that not only fits my customer’s design aesthetic but will also make their families so happy, which is my ultimate goal in every piece or art I create.  

From those commission requests, I launched the Custom Dog and Custom Cat products. Each and every order brings me the same level of joy! The ordering process is simple so I can take my time finding inspiration in the photographs shared with me, on my walks with Geo and Ivy to the park, and any other time I see owners interacting with their beloved pets.


Each Pet Portrait is hand-illustrated using a manual & highly technical design process. I start by sketching over the best photograph using Procreate in my iPad and then do my magic to capture each pet’s personality and unique qualities in every custom piece of art. I include defining coloring or spots, the shape and emotion in the eyes, the size and positioning of the ears, and any other details that make this furry friend special. Pet portraits are printed in black and white ink on gallery-quality paper ready to be framed and hung on any wall in yours or your loved ones home. 

Cash Color Pet Portraits Make The Perfect Holiday GiftsThese portraits make the perfect gifts to memorialize a late fur friend or a personalized gift for anyone on your gift list. Place your order and let’s make some holiday magic together!

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