A New Approach for a New Year

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What a year!

2021 was full of highs and lows with some confusing detours along the way. We’ve all paid a mental toll and I’m doing everything I can to leave that in the past. I’m taking a different approach as we start 2022. I’m looking back to find the good so I can use that as fuel as we embark into a new year.

When I started Cash Color, I knew I wanted to use my business for good. Yes, my goal is to make people’s lives a little brighter with original artwork in the spaces where they live, work and play. But I also wanted to be intentional about creating a business that partners with organizations that bring light into the lives of our community.

Our Year of Giving

Part of the proceeds from select products goes to support some of my favorite nonprofits and charitable organizations, including:

When you purchased art for your home, children’s rooms or office last year, here’s how we brought good into the lives of others, together:

A Year of Giving - Cash Color Blog Post

So, my friends - thank you. Thank you for supporting Cash Color last year because YOUR purchases helped us to bring more goodness into the world, together.

In 2022, a portion of the proceeds from all of the prints in my Hand Signs Collection will be donated to Bridges for the Dead and Hard of Hearing, a local nonprofit I am so passionate about. You can shop the Hand Sign Collection here and know that your purchase is making a difference!

I know the world can feel like a scary and overwhelming place sometimes. But there’s hope, there’s light, and there’s goodness all around us if we are willing to look for it. My challenge to you (and myself) in 2022 is to continue to look for the good and to be part of it, however we can.

With Love,

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P.S. This month's free download design was inspired by being home for the holidays. I included some favorite scenes from my hometown of Detroit: the iconic clock, some Main Street shops, and of course... a Ford car! I hope this artwork triggers some nostalgic memories for you too. Download the artwork here.

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